Monday, July 6, 2009

Fudge and Furloughs

Dear Healthy Little Blog,

Sorry I've been out of touch.

First, the kids, the hubby and I got sick. Then, the kids and I got secondary infections (sinus; ear; ear, bronchitis).

Then, I got furloughed and was forced to take an impromptu vacation to the beach, where I lounged away long hours on the warm sand and was force-fed such food items as fudge, ice cream, and boardwalk fries.

Also, Martha F. Stewart's* Cupcake Cookbook has come into my life.

I have not lost an ounce.

I'm back in the game, and I promise I won't neglect you much longer. I have some yumminess to post. Promise.


The Healthy Little Blogger

* The F is silent.

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