Thursday, July 9, 2009

Brunch: The best meal of the day.

My mother and I last night decided to put together an impromptu Sunday brunch. "Just call all the girls," she tells me, my father in the background listing "the girls" who now are women.
(These are my childhood friends - my friends for life. Is he worried I might not remember who they are?)
Mom says to invite their mothers, and have them bring their tots, their bathing suits and a dish for everyone to share.
It's last-minute. Who cares if we have five fruit salads? We will eat lots of fruit.
My mother will provide beverages (Dear God, It's me, Sarah. Please let there be champagne and fresh orange juice. Sincerely yours, The Healthy Little Blogger Who Loves to Drink Before Noon.)
S'anyway, I was searching through one of my fave food blogs for brunch ideas (so I don't make more Martha Stewart cupcakes or oh-Dear-Lord-stop-me, Blueberry Boy Bait from the same blog).
I came across this recipe, which is out of season, but solves a problem I've tried to handle for several holiday seasons.
I'm bookmarking it. It almost makes me yearn for winter.

winter fruit salad | smitten kitchen

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  1. Jacked up Banana Bread made me fall in love with the smitten kitchen. Anyone who can incorporate whiskey into baked goods is ok in my book.

  2. Did you see her perfect birthday cake post? *swoon*

  3. I'm totally making the boy bait today.

  4. Hi Sarah,

    I so appreciate what you said about your grandmother, never letting her weight interfere with her ability to look good and feel good about herself too! I love the lessons of the older generation. (They did a lot of things better than we do now.) I really should feature a little snipet of Isabel on the blog, thanks for the idea. I will get to work on digging up some old photos!
    Much love!

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