Thursday, October 1, 2009

Radical Sabbatical

After writing more than 2 posts, I was exhausted and needed a break.

Rather, I have a lot of stuff on my plate and, sorry, cute little blog, you are not on the top of the list.

I have a couple of cute little offspring who take priority, followed by a cute little husband, followed by a cute little job, followed by cute little cats (sorry I forgot to feed you for three hours, my pets).

The list goes on, but let's just say this blog ranks somewhere below "cute little daily shower" and, by the look of my toenails, "cute little self pedi."

My list of blog ideas gets longer by the day.

Lately, I've been trying to achieve more balance in my life. Some new rules include:
  1. Scheduling annual physical, dental exam
  2. Socializing with friends, dates with husband, just kid time
  3. Writing outside of work, reading at least a book a week, Sudoku  once or twice a week
  4. Structuring my time makes me feel more in control of my life.
  5. Moving my muscles every day, even if it's just a 25-minute workout
  6. Taking vacation time
Working from home, I have a tendency to let work responsibilities pour over into time with my family and let work stress affect the rest of my life. Planning my work week in advance, setting the hours based on my meetings and assignments, really lets me enjoy the time I'm not working.

I've become more productive at work, I think because I'm also writing for pleasure and setting a fairly rigid weekly work schedule.

Surprise! I learned on a Thursday night that I had vacation time, and I had to use five days of it before the following Monday or lose it. I'm off two days this week because of that!

I also learned I now accrue three weeks of vacation time a year, and I have a week of vacation leftover from last year. After three years of working extra hours to take a few days off, just the thought that I can take a vacation relaxes me.

I know my brain needs it.

That's it, little blog. I'll be back to feed you soon.

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