Monday, May 11, 2009

Farmer's market withdrawal

Mother's Day weekend was lovely. Saturday, my mother and I attended a native plant sale at a local arboretum.

Quality time with Mom was just what I wanted, and it was good quality. (My mother is an avid and quite impressive gardener.)

She bought me some shade-loving native perennials for Mother's Day, and my daughter, L., helped me plant them. (OK, she dug holes in the mud and begged to play with the hose. Whaddya want? She's 2.) Mom took home some sun-lovers for her perennial gardens.

Still, I am a little disappointed I missed the farmer's market Saturday morning. What will I do without green eggs this week? (The photo doesn't do them justice.)

My mother told me Martha Stewart has eggs of all colors. She would.

To make up for missing the market, I'll post some of the delicious results of last week's market trip.

These will include: Spicy Citrus Tuna and On-the-fly Spring Garlic Linguine with Fresh Asparagus.

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