Monday, May 11, 2009


So, I gained 90 pounds during pregnancy.

Birth of the twins, loss of water retained during pregnancy and nursing two hungry little premies took care of about 60 pounds. I put mild effort into 15 (5 of which I regained).

I was left with 20 pounds two-plus years later. I'm down four of those, as of this morning.

Although I've been exercising for months, I've been working hard for about two weeks to return to a healthy lifestyle.

I've built strength and endurance, thanks to the local YMCA (which has a fantastic facility and a reliable child-watch center).

My goals for the next two weeks will be to start working on agility and flexibility. To accomplish the goal, I plan to take some yoga and cardio classes (Zumba? step? boot camp?!) to mix up the routine.

I also plan to take body measurements, which I have yet to do. I've simply kept track of my weight, but body measurements will help me understand my progress.

The last time I took a body measurement, my waist was nearly 52-inches. (It's 48 in the photo above.)

I think it's time to break out the measuring tape.

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