Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I completed a goal.

I took a class.

A boot camp class.

It was really fun. I was one of the least fit people there. Of course, some of them were trainers.

My muscles hurt so much that I didn't exercise the two days afterward. Following that was a crazy weekend schedule that allowed for only one workout.

None of this makes me happy.

The class actually discouraged me a little. I thought I was pushing myself hard and getting a lot stronger. Why should boot-camp class be so hard for me?

A week later, I've had time to think about it, and I'm happy I did it. I set a goal to try a class, and I did. I stuck it out until the end.

I enjoyed myself.

I learned more about my level of fitness and what I need to do to accomplish my ultimate fitness goals.

When my husband was home for two weeks, I was spoiled with the time to go to the gym every day. In real, non-vacation world in which two toddlers count on me for education, fun and snuggles, and I have deadlines to meet, going to the gym every day is not practical.

I can go four times a week on a good week. The rest of the time, fitness needs to become part of my regular daily routine.

From my class, I learned I could keep up with everything - including suicides, sprinting, walking lunges, countless jumping jacks, step aerobics (at least on Level 1), and squats - but I had a really tough time with the longer distance jog/run.

My goal for the next week is to start running. I'm going to be the embarrassingly slow gal jogging around the block a few times, but I've started slow before and seen good progress.

When I go back to that class in better shape, maybe the instructor will stop giving me concerned looks and asking how I'm doing. That's unlikely, because I sweat and turn red even when I'm crazy fit.

I had no related photo to post today, so you get a purple baby carrot.

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